1) Home study report of the foreign adoptive parents prepared by a professional social worker.
2) Recent photographs of the adoptive family.
3) Marriage certificate of foreign adoptive parents.
4) Declaration concerning health of adoptive parents.
5) Certificate of medical fitness of adoptive parents duly certified by a medical doctor.
6) Declaration regarding financial status of foreign adoptive parents along with supporting documents including employers certificate, where applicable.
7) Employment certificate where applicable, of foreign adoptive parents.
8) Income tax assessment order of foreign adoptive parents.
9) Bank references
10) Particulars of properties owned by the foreign adoptive parents.
11) Declaration from foreign adoptive parents stating willingness to adopt the child.
12) 12) Undertaking from the social or child welfare enlisted agency sponsoring the foreigner to the effect that child would be legally recognized as a citizen of the adopter’s country without any form of discrimination and that the child would be entitled to the same rights as those of citizens of that country.
13) Undertaking from the foreign adoptive parents that adopted child would be provided necessary education and upbringing according to the status of adoptive parents.
14) Undertaking from the social and child welfare enlisted agency that report relating to progress of the child along with his/her recent photograph would be sent quarterly during first two years and half yearly for the next three to CWSK.
15) Power of Attorney from the foreign adoptive parents in favor of CWSK which will be required to process the case and such Power of Attorney should authorize the Attorney to handle the cases on behalf of the foreigner in case the foreigner is not in a position to come to Kenya during the initial stages of the adoption. But note that the Kenyan law requires that both the minor being adopted and the adoptive parent/s MUST be resident in Kenya for at least three consecutive months before the legal process begins and both MUST also be present during the court hearing for the adoption.
16) Certificate from the enlisted social or child welfare agency sponsoring application of the foreigner to the effect that adoptive parents are permitted to adopt a child according to the law of their country.

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