About us

About Us

Make it Happen Initiative is an NGO that is focused on bringing children’s rights to the top of the national agenda and explicitly provide a voice for vulnerable children and prospective and adoptive parents to ensure that families are given the opportunity to make wholly informed and educated decisions to adopt children and provide the nurturing they deserve.

We advocate for children in need of permanent, safe and loving families by fundamentally driving conversations and promoting policies that demystify the adoption process.

We aim to be an impartial voice for ethical adoption practices nationwide and provide education, assistance, and advocacy to adoption and foster care communities to ensure vulnerable children are effectively placed in adequate family care.


Promoting child adoption because every child deserves love and care.


Creating a future where all children are treated equally with love, respect and dignity they deserve


– Collaboration
– Integrity
– Love
– Commitment
– Compassion


“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” What started as a dream is now a reality, for MAKE IT HAPPEN to come into being, it started with a dream by a young Kenyan girl, ANNASTACIA Njeri Wainaina who believes all of humanity must develop a better sense of responsibility towards our total environment …
Annastacia’s passion about children and her experience in working with young souls, gave birth to MAKE IT HAPPEN.
She was brought up in a family where she experienced unconditional love, she saw her parents love children who were not their own and with that, it was a trigger in wanting to experience the same love and share it with others who were not fortunate enough to experience the same.

During the international women’s week in 2014 hosted by Maddox women in Sydney Australia, she was privileged to watch a screening of “I AM A GIRL” by Rebecca Barry which provoked emotions inside her and she felt the urge and need to tell the stories of the poor girls that no one else was telling.
It is after watching the screening that she hit the ground running and decided to do something for the poor girls.

Her first stop was at the Angel center for abandoned children where she joined hands with a few other friends and together paid a visit to the children with donations and smiles.
Ever since that visit, Annastacia has never looked behind and everyday has been a learning experience for her, where she has learnt on issues affecting children like child trafficking, abandonment and early marriages.

With the urge to do more, she embarked on a mission to screen the movie in schools and churches, with the intention of teaching the community on how to treat girls and children in general to better beings.
It is during this time and after interacting with disadvantaged children that the dream of forming an organization and be the voice of the voiceless was born.

What we do

1) Raise awareness and encourage a global approach on child protection and adoption.
2) Ensure all children are given an equal start in life regardless of gender, race, culture and social status
3) Ensure all children are raised in family focused environs and all basic human rights are accorded to them equally across the globe.

Lobbing the Government

– Research
– Create awareness
– Education
– Pre and post adoption support


– Lobby for review of the moratorium issued in 2014 by the government
– Center of excellence in child adoption
– Legislation of kinship adoption
Changes in policies and regulations of children home (end to the era of children home)